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The Professional Register recognising the competence of security professionals within the electronic security & fire industry

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What is CTSP?

The CTSP Register is a publicly-searchable register designed for anyone looking for a qualified Technical Security Professional.

If you work in the electronic security or fire systems sector, you can finally be recognised for your competence and qualifications by joining the register of Certified Technical Security Professionals (CTSP).

By becoming a CTSP Registrant, you will unlock a whole range of benefits including discounted training, exclusive offers, and access to clients who need your services.

CTSP Member Benefits

The CTSP Register has been formed as a means of recognising the competence of Technical Security Professionals fulfilling roles in the security and fire systems sectors. This includes: Engineers/Technicians (Installation, Maintenance and Commissioning), System Designers, Auditors and Consultants. It allows consumers, employers and contractors to search the Register to validate professional competence.

Homepage CTA - Recognition


Professional Recognition and Membership of a Certified Professional Association as well as CTSP accreditation after your name
(e.g. John Smith CTSP)

Homepage CTA - Easily searchable

Easily searchable

Publication of your name on the official CTSP website – perfect for generating sales leads and employment opportunities.

Homepage CTA - Assurance


Assurance and confidence for customers, potential sales prospects, contractors and prospective employers.

How do I join CTSP?

There are two Application Pathways to CTSP Registration:

The Standard Pathway is for individuals with recognised industry qualifications, click here to see required criteria.

The Vocational Pathway is for individuals without  recognised industry qualifications, Applicants are required to demonstrate competence by submission of a portfolio of evidence, click here to see required criteria.

Applications will be made via an online application form.

Join process - Step 1

Step 1

Identify which pathway your work background is suited to and choose either the Standard Pathway or the Vocational Pathway.

Join process - Step 2

Step 2

Collate relevant documents supporting your chosen pathway.

Join process - Step 3

Step 3

Register on the CTSP website and complete your Application Form.

Join process - Step 4

Step 4

The Registration Manager will review all applications and submitted documents, before approval.

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