Raising professional standards in the electronic security and fire industry


  1. What is the Register for CTSP?
    It is the Professional Register recognising competence and qualifications for installers and those who maintain Fire and Security Systems. Registrants will be listed on the official publicly searchable website.
  2. What does CTSP stand for?
    CTSP stands for ‘Certified Technical Security Professional’
  3. How do I become a CTSP?
    You can become a CTSP once you have been admitted on to the Professional Register for CTSP
  4. Why would I want to become a CTSP?
    Because it provides you with professional recognition both with employers and end users, demonstrates qualification, competence and gives you access to a Certified Professional Network.Other benefits include: use of Post-noms (John Smith CTSP), use of CTSP logo on advertising materials and your name on the official CTSP website.
  5. What qualifications do I need to apply?
    There are certain criteria you will need to document to be able to Register which does include a Level 3 qualification e.g. BTEC/City & Guilds or international equivalent. The detailed application criteria will be set out on the application form, full details can be found here
  6. I have qualifications in Access Control and Fire, is it just a CCTV Installer’s Register?
    No, the Register covers the main disciplines in Fire and Security systems installation and maintenance. Any one of the following disciplines may qualify you for admission to the Register: CCTV, IP & Networking, Access Control, Intruder Alarms and Fire systems, for full details please click here
  7. I completed a City & Guilds CCTV course a few years ago, would this be acceptable?
    The Registration Manager will review all qualifications submitted and cross reference with the relevant awarding body to assess if they meet current requirements. Advice and guidance will be provided to you where necessary.
  8. I haven’t got any qualifications but I have been working in the industry installing security systems for years – can I still apply to become a CTSP?
    Yes, you can still apply to become a CTSP Registrant via our ‘Vocational Pathway’. You will be required to submit a portfolio of evidence demonstrating your competence. The criteria for application via this route can be accessed here: VOCATIONAL PATHWAY
  9. I am a certified Auditor, but do not possess recognised industry specific qualifications, can I still apply?
    Yes, you can still apply to become a CTSP Registrant providing you hold an IRCA certified qualification and have a minimum of 5 years technical security experience and 2 years’ auditing experience. The criteria for this route can be viewed here: AUDITOR CRITERIA
  10. I am a Consultant in the Security Industry, what qualifications do I need to apply?
    There are 2 ‘Application Pathways’ depending upon the qualifications and experience you possess. To view the different criteria, click here
  11. Is it a legal requirement to be Registered as a CTSP to operate in the industry?
    In the UK it is not a legal requirement, however, admission to the Professional Register does provide employers and end users confirmation that registrants have a minimum level of qualification, competence and experience.
  12. How much is the joining fee?
    The non-refundable Application fee is £25.00, with an Annual Registration fee of £50.00 if your application is successful.
  13. How do I apply?
    Applications can be made here
  14. Who do I send my details to?
    You will be able to upload all of your relevant details via the www.ctsp.org.uk portal.
  15. How long will the Registration process take?
    Once all the relevant documentation is received we expect most applications will take no longer than 20 working days to process.
  16. Who do I contact for more information?
    Questions and queries should be directed by email to: admin@ctsp.org.uk
    It is recommended that your telephone number is included within the email.